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SSW3 wastewater recycling micro-station (French innovation Patent registered INPI)


Thanks to its innovative process, the SSW3 micro-station makes it possible to treat Gray and Black water to produce REUT (Reuse). This Installation can be installed for domestic water or small industries for a volume of 3 m3/day, or more, if a storage tank (rainwater tank or other) is in place to store the treated water. The unit is fully enclosed to be installed outdoors or indoors. The water recycling rate is up to 80% of inputs.

The Bioreactor is a patented SWBIO® innovation which provides guaranteed treatment efficiency (99%) and a reduction in treatment times (3 to 8 hours) for 3 m3/day.


Our Micro-station is equipped with 02 modules as follows: Module 1: Biological Treatment including an Innovative SWBIO ® Bioreactor. Module 2: Sterilization, filtration and hygienization including ozone system, Triplex and UV filtration                                                                                                                                                   

Performance The treated water is non-drinkable but can be recycled for toilets, watering or to be recycled in an industrial process (technical water, water for machine tools, etc.)


Applications (according to current regulations): Our Micro station can be installed in the following areas: Industries: Port area, small industries, Town halls, cities under water stress Domestic: Housing, small buildings, agriculture, school groups


Interview : The SSW3 Micro-station does not require any special maintenance but, like all equipment, must be checked regularly (filter, etc.). Periodic maintenance (every 6 months) is recommended for the filters. A biomass control must also be checked every month. Consumables: Filters (periodic) and Bacteria (occasionally)



Power consumption: Standard unit: 2.5 Kw

Supply voltage: Mono 220 Volts


Presentation of our SSW3 station


Inpout of water to be treated

Outlet of water to be treated


  1. The internal screen separates the solid elements which are directed towards the sewers.

  2. The water is then directed to the SWBIO® bioreactor to be treated and then pumped. An ozonation system is integrated to increase treatment performance

  3. The water is then sorted by UV treatment to ensure the absence of bacteria or viruses.

Water saving with the SSW3 system

Today, the water discharged into the sewers is 54,750 liters per year per person. By using the SSW3 station you could recover 43,800 liters from this wastewater. On this water discharged directly to the treatment plant, you pay a tax of 2 to 3% (depending on the region) ​


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